Ambassador of Charity

Communio priest Innocent Baba Abagoami CSSp (50) from Switzerland visits the Mechernich Motherhouse

Mechernich/Vouvry – Because of the Corona pandemic, Communio priest Innocent Baba Abagoami CSSp had not been able to participate in the mourning and resurrection ceremonies for the late Superior General Karl-Heinz Haus. At the end of April, the 50-year-old native of Ghana now made up for his condolence visit to the community of the Ordo Communionis in Christo in the Mechernich motherhouse.

For this purpose, he travelled from the parish community in the Swiss town of Vouvry (Monthey district) in the French-speaking part of the canton of Valais, where he works as part of a four-member pastoral team together with other members of the Missionary Society of the Holy Spirit under the protection of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. His congregation is called the "Spiritans" for short, Congregatio Sancti Spiritus (CSSp) in Latin.

Born in 1972 as the eldest of five children of Richard Abagoami and Felicia Apagrah, the clergyman came into contact with the Communio a few years ago through Father Jonas Seke from Benin, and its community theology reflects his own ideal conception of Christian life. Says Innocent Baba Abagoami, "Communio in Christo emphasizes the community of like-minded people and requires each member to help build Christ's church."

Instrument for good

The chaplain, who serves in Switzerland, said during his visit to the Motherhouse that he took six values from Mother Marie Therese for his daily pastoral life: a positive attitude toward joy, friendship for one another in community, a mutual willingness to bear with one another's weaknesses, the ability to think well of others in the community, the ability to attribute all accomplishments to God and to take vows as instruments for good.

After his ordination in 2007, Rev. Abagoami worked in Algeria, Benin and Switzerland, "I also did some studies on Islam in Egypt and development studies in Ghana. Currently, I am doing a doctoral program in mediation and conflict resolution," the Spiritan said in a conversation with Sister Lidwina, Spiritual Director Father Rudolf Ammann and Deacon Manfred Lang.

In 2016, Father Innocent took the vow of charity and became a member of the Communio. Speaking about his experience, he said, "There is potential for infection in a positive sense in the texts and messages of Mother Marie Therese!"

His personal "infection" has made him an ambassador for Communio in Christo, according to Father Abagoami: "I live and work in the midst of a group of seminarians and young lay people in my workplace. These are also potential members of the Communio because I tell them the Gospel of charity. And since the Lord touches people's hearts, he will surely touch some hearts through Mother Marie Therese' message."

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