The founding of Communio in Christo

The purpose of the foundation

The way for all people to walk as one people of God.

Symbol of hope

Mother Marie Therese was convinced that God had placed his Holy Spirit at the service of the Council Fathers of the Second Vatican Council. In its resolutions and decrees, they defined the Church of Christ in the here and now as a living communion with Christ.

In it, there is room for all who expect salvation from Christ: for the weary and the burdened, for the poor and the rich, for the sick and the healthy, for the believing and the doubting, for women and men, for Christians and those who do not (yet) believe in Christ, for the living and the dead. The Foundress believed that through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, all people are given an undreamed-of happiness and eternal peace in the glory of God.

Mother Marie Therese saw herself commissioned by the same Spirit of God to found an "Order" to confirm the binding nature of the Second Vatican Council. She founded the "Communio in Christo" on 8 December 1984. "I strive for the unity of the Church through the realisation of the resolutions of the Second Vatican Council," said the foundress, "through the lived unity of love of God and love of neighbour."