The headquarters of the Communio in Christo is Mechernich/Germany. There are also members in other countries and continents: in Austria, Poland, Belarus, Kerala/India, Pakistan, USA, Tanzania, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Benin, Ghana, Angola and Papua New Guinea.

For example, there is a community in Kerala led by Br. Jojo, where sisters live and devote themselves to the care of mentally handicapped women.

In Central India, Fr. Augustin maintains two Communio groups that meet on a monthly basis.

In Uganda, Communio priest Dr. Robert Mutegeki has implemented an agricultural project whose returns benefit AIDS orphans.

In Tanzania, Communio members regularly gather for local meetings and study the writings of the Foundress.

In Pakistan, Communio member Fr. Imtiaz Nishan accompanies a number of Communio groups in their monthly meetings.

In Benin, a Communio priest - who is also responsible for the ecclesiastical school system in his diocese and translator of the religious rule into French - maintains a wide range of pastoral services for families. There are intensive contacts with religious priests there.

In the diocese of Plock/Poland, Father Stanislaus Dziekan has built up a Communio group and continues this work in his new home parish.

In Rome, the Communio organizes annual information meetings for priests and sisters from non-European countries who are pursuing further studies there. The participants carry the idea of the Communio to their home countries.

In Castel Gandolfo near Rome, a group of sisters has formed in the spirit of Communio in Christo.

Last but not least, the motherhouse in Mechernich maintains diverse international contacts and accompanies foreign guests.