The membership

Every Christian who has reached the age of 18, who feels connected to the Communio in Christo and who lives in active charity can participate in the Communio in Christo. This corresponds to the character of the Communio in Christo as a "way for all".

Membership is established by the taking of vows. Each member is guided in his or her daily life by the spiritual heritage of the Foundress. All are included in the membership list kept at the Motherhouse in Mechernich.

Internal members live in the community in Mechernich or in other communities. They take the four vows of charity, obedience, chastity and humility (as a special form of poverty). Married couples vow charity, obedience, and humility. All observe the order of life of the Communio in Christo.

External members take at least the vow of charity and likewise orient themselves in their daily life to the spiritual heritage of the Foundress.

Members of institutes of consecrated life or societies of apostolic life may join Communio in Christo by taking the vow of charity. They require the consent of their superiors for this. Secular clerics may also take vows and should inform their bishop. Their original affiliation is not affected. Nor are they called upon to terminate it. The incardination relationship is not touched in any case.