Leadership and motherhouse

A priest as Superior General, a chapter as an advisory and supervisory body at his side.

The responsibility for the association Communio in Christo and its leadership are in the hands of a priest. As early as 1985, Mother Marie Therese entrusted this responsibility to Superior General Karl-Heinz Haus. The Superior General directs and coordinates all domestic and foreign commitments of Communio in Christo as well as its charitable and theological orientation. The Superior General is assisted by the Chapter and a Scientific Council. The main residence of the Superior General is - determined by the Foundress - the Motherhouse in Mechernich.

Communio in Christo
Bruchgasse 14
53894 Mechernich
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The Chapter

The Chapter participates in all decisions on essential matters concerning both the community and the works of Communio in Christo. Mother Marie Therese not only determined the separation of the spiritual branch (union) and the property, but also decreed that control over the use of the property be exercised by a consultative body vested with decision-making powers, the Chapter. The Chairman is always the Superior General. He is assisted, according to the will of Mother Marie Therese, by theologians and lay experts, each of whom is assisted by a representative for his task, who must also be qualified according to his task. The body represents the bridge between the various sub-organizations and contributes to their guidance its theological, juridical and commercial expertise.

In this sense, the Chapter also acts for the two non-profit associations, Communio in Christo e. V. and Sozialwerk Communio in Christo e. V..

The Chapter consists of four full members and four representatives:

Superior General

Jaison Thazhathil

Deputy of Father Jaison

Manfred Lang
Deacon/Deputy Superior

Full member

Bernd Uhlenbruch
Lawyer and tax consultant

Deputy of Mr. Uhlenbruch

Hans-Jörg Esmeier

Full member

Rudolf Ammann
Padre/Spiritual Father

Deputy of P. Ammann

Jürgen Fahnenstich

Full member

Norbert Arnold
Lawyer/Managing Director


Deputy of Mr. Arnold

Mrs. Sonja Plönnes
Nursing Superintendent


The seat of the chapter is the motherhouse in Mechernich.                       

Norbert Arnold
Tel: +49 2443 9814-801
Fax: +49 2443 9814-851
E-Mail: n.arnold@communio.nrw