The Structure of Communio in Christo

1.Social Services Communio in Christo e.V.

Executive Committee: Norbert Arnold and Manfred Lang

The Social Welfare Organisation is the sponsor of the care facility "Haus Effata" in Blankenheim, the long-term care facility "Communio in Christo" in Mechernich and the hospice "Stella Maris", also in Mechernich, with a total of almost 200 places and about 290 employees. The social organisation Communio in Christo e.V. has about 25 members. This is the narrower circle of those interested in the ministries, and beyond that the chapter members.

2. Communio in Christo e. V.

Executive Committee: Padre Rudolf Ammann and Father Jaison Thazhathil

The association serves to spread the spirituality of Mother Marie Therese and to support people in need, the sick, the elderly and the disabled worldwide and is the publisher of books and writings. The association is responsible for appeals for donations for the Social Work. The number of members is about 40. It is a narrower circle of committed people, partly like the Social Work (see 1.).

3. Hospice support association Stella Maris e. V.

Executive Committee: Heiner Dieroff

Five other persons, plus Superior General Karl-Heinz Haus and the Managing Director of the Social Work, Norbert Arnold, as natural members of the Board. The support association is responsible for raising the own contribution of 5% of the total costs of the hospice, which is required as part of the refinancing. The support association has over 300 members.

4. Unitas GmbH

Managing Directors: Sister Dorothea Rolfes and Edo Dijkstra

Unitas GmbH provides services for the care facilities. It is a 100% subsidiary of the Sozialwerk.

5. The Chapter

The chapter builds a bridge between the Ordo Communionis in Christo, the social work of Communio in Christo (see 1.) and Communio in Christo e.V. (see 2.). (see 2.)  Composition: 4 members and 4 deputies, including lay experts. The Chairman is the Superior General, who also appoints the members.

6. International Council

The Superior General is obliged to establish an International Council which - representing the international commitment of Communio in Christo - serves to advise the Superior General in spiritual direction.