Thanksgiving Mass for the Jubilee of Vows

Mother Marie Therese made her vows 70 years ago - Mass of Thanksgiving on Tuesday 31 May at 5.15pm - May Devotions

Mechernich -

On the last day of the Marian month of May, Communio in Christo invites you not only to the last May devotion, but also to a Mass of thanksgiving on the vow day of Communio founder Mother Marie Therese. It is also an anniversary: it is 70 years since Mother Marie Therese took her vows on 31 May 1952.

The May devotions on Tuesday, 31 May, will begin (a little earlier than the other May devotions) at 5.15 pm in the house chapel of Communio in Christo (Bruchgasse 14 in Mechernich), and the Mass of Thanksgiving at 6 pm. For the following Holy Mass, Father Joseph Chelamparambath could be won as the main celebrant. The priest of the Syro Malankarian Catholic Church has been on friendly terms with Communio in Christo for many years.

During the entire month of Mary, the May devotions take place every Sunday in the house chapel of Communio in Christo. They begin at 5.30 p.m. and venerate the Blessed Virgin Mary in a special way, for example with meditations, prayers or the rosary.

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